DIY $25

$NZ Per Month

Ideal For Designers

SSL Certificate

Auckland Server

Dual Xeon E5v3 / SSD Server

Redis Cache

Wordpress / Drupal / Joomla Deployment

Available For Small Businesses Only

Business $55

$NZ Per Month

Ideal for single store or Mom & Pop mature businesses

All DIY features

2 content updates per month (promos, specials etc.)

Weekly Google ranking report (20 keywords)

Real time analytics & SEO report

Business + Emails $65

$NZ Per Month

Ideal for single store or Mom & Pop mature businesses

All business features

Up to 10 email accounts

Growth $85

$NZ Per Month

For Businesses Targeting Growth

All business features

Conversion & event tracking (7 Goals)

Monthly optimisation (SEO) & strategy meeting

Growth + Emails $95

Per Month

All growth features


2 or More Sites $POA

Per Month

Multi Product Businesses

A/B testing

Sales funnels

Heat maps analysis

Lets Talk Shop
Google Adwords $115

$NZ Per Month

1 Ad

Management Fee For 1 Ad

25 Keywords

Extension Optimisation

Keyword Analysis / Negative Keywords

Integrates Conversions Into the "Growth" Managed Hosting Plan

Adwords x2 $185

$NZ Per Month

2 Ad's

All 1 Ad Features

Extended Analytics

Monthly SEO / Strategy Meeting

Conversion Funnels

Geographic & radius targeting

Social + Adwords $POA

Starts at $500 per month

3 + Ad's

All x 2 Features

3 - 5 Google Ads

Instagram / Facebook / Linked In Ads

Competition Analysis (incl mystery shopping)

Editorials, Blogs, Info-graphs

Lets Talk Shop


  • Benefit from our streamlined migration software, it’s quick and free to migrate from your old host to us.

  • Very Fast Indeed. The website server is located at the data centre on Queen St, AKL which is part of the NZ internet peering exchange. The server info uses the latest hardware, which is updated every 24 months. Benefit from 6 years of trial and error to achieve the fastest page speed.

  • Benefit from a Wordpress specialist. You cannot be a “jack of all trades” in web design, there is just too much website software. This is why we exclusively use WordPress to ensure specialisation.


  • Benefit from no contracts, cancel anytime if you are unsatisfied. We don’t even require 30 days notice. Any overpayment will be refunded pro-rata to the closest day.

  • We bill you for our management fee to place, bid & maintain the ads on Google. 

    Google will bill you directly for the cost of ads every 30 days (pay per click). We do not take any commission or spread from Google’s ads. Benefit from complete price transparency.

  • Web Merchants uses 4 servers.

    1. Websites are hosted on a dedicated server based at the Data Centre in Auckland. This is connected to Chorus’s fibre network, which guarantees lightning fast website load times NZ wide.

    2. Emails are hosted in Perth Australia and generally have a 4 – 8 second delay between sending & receiving an email due to the distance between your computer and the server in Perth.

    3. Weekly website backups are stored on a server in San Fransisco, USA

    4. A backup virtual private server in Sydney is on standby should a disaster hit the primary Auckland data centre.

    For those who like the finer details, this method cannot not be mixed or switched as hosting a website in Perth or San Fran would dramatically slow down website load times. When it comes to website page speed the hosting server has to be as close to your customer as possible.

    The Benefit to separating the servers is that in the event of an earthquake, natural disaster, power outage etc. Services can be redeployed to different locations so your businesses website & emails are never down.